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OnCorps' help desk will be closed Thursday Nov 26 and Friday Nov 27 for Thanksgiving.  Have a fun and safe holiday! 

Looking for Print or Zip timesheets?  These have been replaced with Timesheet Export under Time Tracking > Member Service Hours > Timesheet Export.

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  • Internet Explorer Users - You may need to use compatibility mode for the menus, and exportable reports to load. Some information on how to turn that on can be found here.

Updated "Performance Measures" in OnCorps Reports 

To better align with changes in Performance Measure reporting, we've streamlined our PM forms and reports for 2015-16.

While the new, simplified template is now the DEFAULT, if your prior PM's from last year reference additional data collection fields, you will continue to see those --unless you re-enter your PM's using the new template.

This is because OnCorps transfers over all approved PM's from year to year automatically. If you're unsure whether to use the new format for entering in your 2015-16 Performance Measures, check with your Program Officer.

*Programs may want to continue using the older form-- since your grant may reference specific progress indicators no longer available on this new template.

If you have questions about this changeover, contact our help desk!

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November 2015 Trainings

Financials and Program Reports

A great mid-year introduction to the workings of financial forms and program level reports, we will cover the following topics:

1) Financials (Budget modifications, PER, AFR)
2) Program Reports (including Performance Measures)
3) Administrative Tools

This webinar is designed for Program Directors (within states that use OnCorps for reporting to state) and Commission Staff or National Admin users.

Wed., Nov 4 1:00-2:30 PM CDT
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Custom Forms and Reports

This session is intended to focus only on the Custom Forms tool, with a higher level of detail than our general "Do-It-Yourself Surveys and Custom Forms" webinar.

Wed., Nov 11 1:00-2:30 PM CDT
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Excel Tips and Tricks for OnCorps

One benefit of using OnCorps is that your information is exportable into various formats, including Excel. We'll cover some useful tools for visualizing and parsing data (for spreadsheet novice or intermediate users).

Topics we'll include:
1) Formatting tricks
2) Basic formulas
3) Charts, Graphs, and Sparklines
4) Pivot tables

All examples will use standard availability OnCorps exported reports.
Wed., Nov 18 1:00-2:30 PM CDT
Register Here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

*All times are CENTRAL TIME ZONE (CDT)