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Customer Support and Trainings

To schedule a demo or custom training, or to access existing webinars and videos, please contact our support desk via a help ticket, or email us if you do not have an OnCorps account.

Upcoming Webinars

Wed Oct. 17, 11 AM - 12 PM CST

Getting Started in OnCorps: Communication Tools & Member Service Reports

The first part of this webinar will introduce new Program Directors and Commission Staff to communication tools found throughout OnCorps, including notifications & reminders, website customization, the resource page, and comments. The second half of the webinar will cover data collection forms available within OnCorps, and how to view and promote member service reports.

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Wed Oct. 24, 11 AM - 12 PM CST

Planning Your DIY Custom Form

This 60 min. webinar will introduce you to the DIY Custom Form and how to plan for creating your own.

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Wed Oct. 31, 11 AM - 12 PM CST

Creating DIY Custom Forms & Reports in OnCorps Reports

This 90 minute webinar will cover how to create custom forms and reports in OnCorp Reports.

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